It Happen Around the Gulf of Mexico – English Edition Part 10

Part 10



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Next morning Maria looked pale, her eyes puffed and reddish from crying. She stayed by herself and hardly spoke any words with anybody.

This gave me a sense of guilt, and even if I tried, I couldn’t find the right words to speak to her during the morning. Then my day became busy. I had a meeting with Rick and Claremarie and I showed them the large documented file regarding the pyramid, including notes, photos and videos that I had collected over the last couple of years. I explained them how we finally realize that the slab of the temple on top of the pyramid was hiding the passage to the bottom of the funeral chambers. Then I showed them photos of every single item we had found in the chambers below, before we removed them from their original positions. I also emphasized their historical and cultural values.

Finally I told them about the tomb lid and the many secrets I thought were hidden from us, the difficulties to break the clues that the artist had so cleverly disguised in the figures he carved, giving several possibilities of different interpretations what he mean it to represent.

Rick finally said, “I’m really impress with what you have done up to now. This is really a great archeological discovery which will give prestige to Texana as the major sponsors. I would like to receive from you a copy of all those photos. We will use them to create a booklet to distribute around the world creating a greater name for our company, and at the same time it will give us international prestige, and our oil marketing will benefit. I’m sure we will find the correct way to present it.”

Claremarie added to this, “Great work indeed. I want you to come to London for some public appearances and conferences. We will sponsor them and it will be a great opportunity. The discovery of the City of the Sun will make news for a long time and you will become very popular.

“Thanks to your work, Texana will gain prestige, and the value of its shares will rise. I will arrange this tour around Europe within a few months.”

“I can see your point Claremarie, but I believe it’s premature. I still have in front of me a lot of work. I have to document properly and have uncontested proof of all the facts I’m going to present. When a new archeological discovery is presented there is always strong opposition, from those who call themselves experts in the field. They will always try to diminish the value of the discoveries. Everything must be sure proofed against them. I estimate I’ll need one full year to gain the evidence and all the necessary facts to prove each point I need to present.”

Rick approved my plans, “I do agree with what you are saying, Charlie. We also need to make this place more accessible to the interested invited parties wanting to come and visit the site.”

I concluded, “At the moment it’s much better to keep it under wrap. We don’t need intruders to disrupt the harmony of our work.”




It was the last day our visitors, Rick and Claremarie, were staying at the City of the Sun, and I spent most of my time with them. Maria after the first two days of complete silence had became cordial with our visitors. She understood the importance to us of their sponsorship. Nevertheless she maintained a cold approach toward Claremarie as a woman. Maria had by now, well assessed her rival powers in the way she used to capture the fantasies of all the males in the camp and particularly me.

Maria knew she couldn’t compete against Claremarie. She was such a refined city woman and a temptress. Maria was aware how strong Claremarie’s spell was over me.

She also knew that I was spending most of my nights in her cabin, returning to my room at dawn. I noticed that Maria’s feelings were hurt and she was unhappy because my behavior. At the same time I knew she was confident that in the long run, the relationship between me and Claremarie wouldn’t be possible, because our lives were of such contrast.

She hoped that at the end, when Claremarie would be gone, I would be entirely hers and our life together would return. Of course Maria didn’t like the fact I was spending so much of my spare time away from her, and therefore she let me know it, in her own way, remonstrating with a cold approach that she had never used before.


That was my last night with Claremarie. The tiredness of my last few days was completely forgotten. I was ready to let myself go in the arms of my lover, Claremarie, capable of conceding to me such delicious sexual fulfillment.

We sat on the camp bed, in our last night of passion and love. Claremarie was kissing me, as she used to do, and at the same time her hands were undoing the buttons of my shirt till she found my bare chest, and kissed my nipples arousing my desires.

“You are so amazing, Charlie.”  She whispered.

Her slightly parted lips showed her perfectly chiseled white teeth ready to nibble with all her lust, and to take me completely under her spell. I was breathing heavily inhaling the aroma of her aroused body. The intense fragrance of her perfume intoxicated me, waiting those moments of passion, to relieve my great expectations.

A bird, faraway in the forest, sent his sharp nocturnal call, followed then by its muffled laugh, then there was only silence, the silence of pleasure, harmony and sensual abandon, while Claremarie was caressing my nude torso. The nearness of her warm body again raised the desire inside me.

My breathing grew more rapid, while she placed her hands over my burning flesh and kept kissing me all over. My God, how much I wanted her. My manhood hardened in desire. I ran my fingers through her hair, begging her not to stop her magical caresses.

Claremarie let me know her willingness to have her once more, while she was closing her eyes and purring like a cat in love. I didn’t urge her. I let my desires grown in rhythm.

“I want you.” She said.

We let ourselves go into the abandonment of all around us. That night wasn’t long enough to completely exhaust our desires.

Claremarie murmured that she loved me.

“Why do you love me Claremarie? Why do you want me? You could have anybody.”

“Because I do, because the way we are, and because I like to be with you. It doesn’t have to have a reason.”

“We live apart in different worlds, Claremarie. We could never be together. Your life is lived in grandeur in the cities, mine in the wilderness, chasing the ghosts of the past. It will never be possible for us to live together, you know this.”

“Love is not rational, but I don’t think it is irrational for me to love you. It’s time for me to have someone to share my life, and that’s doesn’t mean I have to marry someone. That is again my principle.”

“You have so many lovers in London, there, would be someone suitable for your needs.”

“I’m serious Charlie. I’m talking of you and me. I come to realize that I like and love you. We can live together in London. I can find a good working position for you in some of the museums there. Finally, I want you to be the one fathering my son.”

“I will think about what you are asking, but I know I wouldn’t like to live in a large city for too long. It would be like locking a wild animal in a cage. I’m born free Claremarie, but I promise we will talk again on this matter when I will come to London for my tour.”




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